Used so mindlessly. A hundred here, a thousand there; millions, billions, trillions. Yet how big are big numbers? We took a small big number. One thousand. 1,000. We thought about something nice to do. Like saying “thank you.” And then we wrote “thank you.” One thousand times. On record.

It took us 53 minutes and 48 seconds to finish. The point is simple, and the point is this: Even small big numbers are big. And we all can’t be grateful enough.

The undersigned, Jens Oliver Meiert and Julia W. Tang.

Five thank yous as a teaser. One thousand thank yous. We told you.

23.4 MB TIFF version for the public domain.

Thoughts about this project? Contact jens at meiert dot com. Open for inquiries regarding the original 1×8 yards of art piece.