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  1. 📝 10 Quick Tips for a Great Mastodon Experience: meiert.com/en/blog/mastodon-quick-tips/
  2. Not using @Twitter anymore in protest of treatment of Twitter employees (by the richest man in the world, no less) Will add infos to each account where to follow instead nytimes.com/2022/11/03/technology/twitter-layoffs-elon-musk.html
  3. Probably the best reason to pack up We end up endorsing this conduct (Already paused ad spending, feel like it’s time to call it. You can also find me at mastodon.social/@j9t.) @GergelyOrosz/1587850101246070784
  4. So love that #divtober is limited to a single HTML element You probably already know why, but to maintain suspense, I’ll share some thoughts about this in the upcoming edition of “Upgrade Your HTML IV” (leanpub.com/upgrade-your-html-4) ;) @lynnandtonic/1574775248062332928
  5. ⚡️ How to Order CSS Selectors (updated): I synced this article again with the HTML spec, and edited it to read nicer. If you have suggestions where to put <template> and <slot>, please share—the “metadata” section seemed fitting, but this is tricky. meiert.com/en/blog/how-to-order-css-selectors/
  6. Developer in me: That’s super-interesting, tell me more Privacy-minded citizen in me: Are you kidding @dsiroker/1587415342896148480
  7. AFAIK Google hasn’t had a standards-conformant homepage (using valid HTML and CSS), except for one That homepage is google.cn, and to my surprise, it’s still up I set it up in 2010, when Google pulled out of China. I thought Google had long, well, spiced it up ;)
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  8. My favorites from curating frontenddogma.com this week—one, because it asks an important question: Is There Too Much CSS Now?, by @SachaGreif (@css), featured on @frontenddogma: css-tricks.com/is-there-too-much-css-now/
  9. Finding Twitter contacts on Mastodon: fedifinder.glitch.me/ @kaffeeringe/1586503927155273731
  10. Tweets that sound like me: “I’m a developer, but I only know HTML and CSS.” 😂 Via tweethunter.io/generate-tweets, h/t @SaraSoueidan
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  11. Minimal HTML, a thread 👉 First, look at this page (in Firefox—more in a second): hell.meiert.org/temp/magic/
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  12. This is an awesome book, highly recommended for anyone engaging with other developers—there are few people who could give a picture as comprehensive as @codepo8 🙏 (My pleasure to help make it available as an ebook!) @codepo8/1585383416958451712
  13. How useful is a glossary about web development to you, as an ebook? (This is anonymous, so even if you know that I’m providing exactly that, please answer! Thank you :)
  14. Hadn’t been aware that “XHTML” lived on in EPUB but, yes Better closing that box again w3.org/publishing/epub3/
  15. 📝 Vegan Web Developers: If you’re a vegan and part of our field, consider joining @MichalBryxi, @daclements, @ashishvegan, @steverydz, @bogas04, me, and others on j9t.gitlab.io/vegan-web-developers/ 🌱 meiert.com/en/blog/vegan-web-developers/
  16. In 2012, we had about 270 properties in what was then still referred to as CSS 3 And back then it already looked like a problem (I’m relaxed today, but I understand the concerns: meiert.com/en/blog/the-css-problem/) @housecor/1577668059652931586
  17. How some issue reports feel like
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  18. My favorites from curating frontenddogma.com this week. This one, because it’s crucial to ensure a strong foundation: How to Build the Foundation for Digital Accessibility, by @A11yPrograms (@dequesystems), featured on @frontenddogma: deque.com/blog/how-to-build-the-foundation-for-digital-accessibility/
  19. I think we’re the only field with best practice race conditions @codepo8/1584128376524005377
  20. Confession In my personal projects, I’ve never used anything other than content-box @404boyfriend/1583825088842911744
  21. It can be weird to surf the Web as a European developer When you see Google Fonts and other services hot-linked without *any* sense for what this means for user data and compliance Sure—different laws. But when attuned to data protection (GDPR), this starts to look reckless—no?
  22. “Authoring tools and markup generators must generate _____ documents.”
  23. When a service has a bug and the only way to report it Is to become a pay user so that you can contact Premium Support
  24. Yes, you can lose an arm and a leg with cloud computing But you can also serve 400,000 CDN requests on CloudFront and pay $0.01 (Always paid a cent but never checked on the number of requests 😬 Then, I probably, finally need to move away from shared hosting…)
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  25. It’s important yet not trivial to set up experienced individual contributors for success, as different org levels require different approaches So I’m excited to read this also as a manager, as there’s more I think we can do to support @OReillyMedia/1579562860858191873
  26. 📝 Redo Websites Less Often (to Become a Better Developer): You want to redo websites, because the advantages are great. But—you also want to iterate, and constantly make improvements. On the usefulness of a bias for iteration. meiert.com/en/blog/redo-vs-iterate/
  27. This is an evergreen And it’s applicable to, what, 20% of performance and 30% of SEO issues, too? @vavroom/1250135412825194496
  28. Blog owners who enable comments: Do you still get meaningful comments?
  29. My favorite from curating frontenddogma.com this week: When New CSS Features Collide: Possibility and Complexity at the Intersections, by @rachelandrew, featured on @frontenddogma: noti.st/rachelandrew/NotAhD/when-new-css-features-collide-possibility-and-complexity-at-the-intersections
  30. Have this thing lately that I document my sites’ color schemes through a @coolors URL For example, @uitestcom uses coolors.co/ffffff-1d2b48-ef2962-f5f5f5-797ecf AMA 😄
  31. Working on the next edition of “The Web Development Glossary” (ETA January 2023) Best feature apart from 100s of additional terms: internal links to make book navigation a lot easier (not sure how I missed this in the first edition!) leanpub.com/web-development-glossary-3k
  32. We may want to celebrate the days AMP, Instant Articles, MIP, and Turbo Pages die (that list!) But really, we should loathe the days and fight back when anti-Web cruft like this launches @reckless/1580982593054707712
  33. Do I understand it correctly that @googlechrome doesn’t apply UTF-8 as a default encoding (e.g., with bare-bones HTML files opened locally)— and then asks to install an extension, to explicitly assign UTF-8 as the encoding? 😬 support.google.com/merchants/answer/6293594
  34. In HTML we’ve always had an issue of wrong use of elements (e.g., table layouts, divitis) But there’s another widespread issue, the *needless* use of elements There’s much advice on semantic markup—but is there enough about not using so much markup (“1 container is enough”)?
  35. Do you still use Sass? (Not trolling—just curious ;)
  36. Something else As developers we’re the only people who find it completely fine To escape characters we wouldn’t need to escape if we used the correct characters in the first place Like actual apostrophes @lonekorean/1579460078281056257
  37. 📝 HTML 2022: 20 Additional Observations from Analyzing the Web Almanac Data: After the initial analysis for the @HTTPArchive’s 2022 Web Almanac—#htmlalmanac—, 20 more observations about HTML as it’s being used today. meiert.com/en/blog/html-2022/