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  1. #CSS #Optimization Basics: leanpub.com/css-optimization-basics. My latest little book, covering mindsets needed for writing effective style sheets, optimization options during operation and for production, and useful resources to aid and inform the work with CSS. (Pay what you want.)
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      “CSS Optimization Basics” just got a substantial update, and @leanpub readers were notified. Personal note: Frankly, the book still needs more editing, and I’ll work on more improvements. Editorial note: The book’s references now also include @5t3ph and @CSSInRealLife 🙏
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      I’m very happy to share that “CSS Optimization Basics” (which is much about the craft of #CSS) is now also available on @sitepointdotcom Premium 🚀 sitepoint.com/premium/books/css-optimization-basics
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      #CSS. For everyone trying to get more out of CSS, CSS Optimization Basics (2018) is on sale for a week—get the ebook for just $4.99 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF): leanpub.com/css-optimization-basics/c/5vJdyeFRNKj3.
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      #CSS. A note, “CSS Optimization Basics” is now also available on Amazon: amazon.com/dp/B07TVW1ZT8/. It’s just another option: The source is still free at GitHub and you can keep “paying what you want” for the book at Leanpub.