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  1. #HTML. How many (and which) elements have been part of every single version of HTML? Only 15: a, address, dd, dl, dt, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, li, p, title, ul. All elements of HTML, over time, with additional information: meiert.com/en/indices/html-elements/.
  2. #HTML. At @Google, @tonyruscoe and I had once run a series to explain all elements of HTML: #htmltuesday. Years later, the tweets aren’t only still mostly accurate, but it may have been useful to archive them on one page, too: meiert.com/en/blog/htmltuesday/.
  3. 11 years ago, I rebuilt @Google’s error page. A short story.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  4. #CSS #layout. What should you use: Grid, Flexbox, positioning, floats, the table model, x? My view: If it works (← this is the interesting piece!), it doesn’t matter. The beauty of valid CSS is that there’s really only a “wrong” when it makes content harder to access.
  5. #Visions and #goals. A small project I helped with, theothermanifesto.org/, and some extra thoughts now on Medium: medium.com/@j9t/humanity-and-the-other-manifesto-6811e28a54aa.
  6. #CSS #Optimization Basics: leanpub.com/css-optimization-basics. My latest little book, covering mindsets needed for writing effective style sheets, optimization options during operation and for production, and useful resources to aid and inform the work with CSS. (Pay what you want.)
  7. Mobile first, desktop first? This is a great article from @shadeed9 comparing approaches and thinking, and making technical distinctions. I like that “desktop first” pros are called out; and I didn’t know @eladsc’s “basics first” approach, but buy it. ishadeed.com/article/the-state-of-mobile-first-and-desktop-first/
  8. What I find mind-blowing about us in the #pandemic is that there seem to be people who will literally walk away with nothing learned. Nothing. They live during a century event, a global crisis that kills millions, and would have learned NOTHING from it. I mean—wow. 😐💀
  9. Completely not Actually, by January 1, HTML will stop working at all @iamaponte/1469917836852224000
  10. …in reply to @j9t
    The Web Development Glossary is now: available 🚀 * 1,945 terms and abbreviations * 2,002 explanations and definitions * 245 pages * EPUB, MOBI, PDF * for beginners and experts * going beyond “just” web dev Please check it out, and share with our peers: leanpub.com/web-development-glossary
  11. One of the best ways to write cleaner HTML is to 👉 resist the urge to just add another HTML element (<div>?), when the intended styling cannot readily be accomplished. It’s also one of the best ways to level up in CSS.
  12. Goodbye Google, San Francisco, California, and United States: meiert.com/en/blog/20130731/goodbye/.
  13. 📝 2% of the Top 100 U.S. Websites Use Valid #HTML (in 2021): Validation is fundamental stuff. It’s simple. It’s useful. It’s important. We need to get this right—and our act together as frontend developers. meiert.com/en/blog/valid-html-2021/
  14. On the bizarre mess the field of frontend development is in: dev.to/j9t/in-critical-defense-of-frontend-development-26lk
  15. Optional #HTML: Everything You Need to Know: meiert.com/en/blog/optional-html/. Optional HTML can be left out to improve #performance, to guide code #comprehension, and to hone the #craft. All optional tags, rules around quotes for attribute values, omissible attribute value defaults, &c.
  16. I like writing clean HTML and CSS, so I decided never to learn Tailwind. I think I’m always going to write CSS. @JeremyTechDev/1463920931215183875
  17. …in reply to @narkosedoc
    @narkosedoc Wie kann man denn realistisch irgendwie unterstützen? (Wir müssen unser Denken und unser System endlich mal dahin ändern, dass Arbeit, *die direkt dem Gemeinwohl dient*, den höchsten Status, die höchste Förderung und auch die höchste Bezahlung erhält)
  18. #Poetry. And #love. 3 years ago, I challenged myself: Write haiku. Freestyle haiku. Freestyle love haiku. And I wrote 1,000 poems, for @haikuhaikulove. The best of them are now available as an ebook. 199 Love Haiku. amazon.com/dp/B07QBLWDWS/ ✨ That’s life. And trying things.
  19. …in reply to @GergelyOrosz
    @GergelyOrosz @Pragmatic_Eng That is pathetic We clearly have more than a wealth distribution problem
  20. If you ship valid HTML/CSS, you respect HTML/CSS rules. If you don’t ship valid HTML/CSS, you raise doubt whether you know these standards. We don’t get evaluated like pilots or doctors, but to be considered professionals, we need to set a bar. Valid output is a good first bar.